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The  city of Agrigento is definitely worth visiting during your trip to Sicily

There are plenty of things to do in Agrigento and it has some interesting sights in its medieval centre that contains narrow windy streets and old stone houses.  

The old  Norman cathedral is one of the cultural highlights. It stands above the city centre and  has spectacular views and there is also the charming Piazza Pirandello, named after playright Luigi Pirandello and the handsome Pirandello theatre. Via Atenea is the place to go for shopping in Agrigento and nightlife in Agrigento. It is a pretty street dotted with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants and is where usually the locals get together for a chat and a passegiata in the evening.

Valley of the Temples

This sight to see in Agrigento is famous worldwide for possessing the most well preserved temples outside of Greece. On entering the valley you see majestic temples spread out in the distance, along with ancients tombs that are built into the walls of the city. These are surrounded by a vast landscape of ancient olives and almond trees. When standing next to the ruins themselves it’s breath taking to see how enormous and powerful these temples are, with such elegant and beautiful architecture.

The Valley of the temples is truly remarkable and a key tourist spot to visit during your tour of Sicily.

Regional Archaelogical Museum

The Agrigento museum contains many well preserved artefacts, from ancient works of art to Grecian urns and objects used in everyday life.

Casa Museo Regional Luigi Pirandello

This beautiful 18th century villa is the birthplace and tomb of Luigi Pirandello, the Sicilian novelist, short story writer and playright who won a Nobel Prize for his Literature. The Sicilan villa is in the village of Caos, 4 km from  Agrigento, and stands alone on a hill, amongst and array of olive, pines, and oak trees. The museum has  a large collection of photographs, autographed books, and posters of his well known plays. In the grounds of the Villa is the tomb of the Sicilian playright containing an urn with Pirandello's ashes. It has an impressive memorial stone created by the sculptor Marino Mazzacurati and you can see the fallen pine tree under which the writer created some of his masterpieces.

Agrigento Cathedral

The  11th Century church looks over the medieval centre of Agrigento . The building has been altered a great deal over time   It is known for it's beautiful Norman ceiling and it's  bell tower was added in the 14th Century.

The Festival of Almond Blossom

The Festa del Fiore del Mandorlo (festival of almond blossom) is Agrigento's largest festival of the year.

Taking place on the first Sunday in February, Agrigento celebrates the first almond blossoms of the season.

When the beautiful pink and white blossom comes alive it means that Spring is round the corner and
Sicilians begin to plant their crops.

The striking Valley of the Temples provide a spectacular backdrop for the festival. There are plenty of things to do in Agrigento during this time as celebrations continue all week. The International Children of the World festival and the International Folklore festival also take place in Agrigento the same week.

Processions, dances, performances happen all over the city Agrigento from the Valley of the Temples to Via Atenea and Teatro Pirendello. Click here to get the festival programme.

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