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Macalube of Aragona

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Nature Reserve Macalube Of Aragona

One of Sicily's more unusual sights is the badlands of the nature reserve near Agrigento, known as the Macalube.

This lunar-like landscape features bubbling springs of volcanic mud, an eruptive phenomenon created by trapped gasses below the earth that pass through clay and a water table, then erupt through the surface, bringing with it this clay mud.

A bizarre sight that definitely delight the kids and geology buffs! They have always been fascinated and awed  by travelers and locals.  Its a great day out for the children....!!

Usually, the mud flows gently, hardens and then forms craters, but sometimes it erupts like a geyser that shoots mud 30 to 40 meters high into the air.

Though not predictable, it's quite a scene to behold when it happens! Our villa is only 15min away!!

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