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Scala Dei Turchi

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Scala Dei Turchi

Scala dei Turchi is a surreal landscape. This is a site marked by the white rock that reaches the sea. A shining cliff leading down to the sand on this stretch of sea of Africa.. It's a beautiful white marl cliff, formed by limestone and clay moddled into a staircase by the wind and rain.

The view is unique, and the white of the rocks looks brighter because the sun light insinuates itself between the light blue of the sky and the deep blue of the water: It's a paradise.

The water is incredibly clear and during the summer , people will be sunbathing or capturing all the wonderful sceneries!

The Turkish Staircase is a place of amazing beauty.  It is hard to imagine that you can find shapes and color like you can find in these rocks that have been made by nature. The strong contrast between the white marl cliff and blue sea is breathtaking. With beautiful scenery and an amazing serene atmosphere, it is a required visit when you go to Sicily.

Only 30mins drive from
our villa!!

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